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Estate 360® Estate Sales & Downsizing is the #1 Referred Solution for Local Estate Sale Services™ in San Luis Obispo County. Our team of local Estate Sale experts handle every aspect of your sale with compassion, empathy and integrity. And provide a safe, transparent, and profitable solution to Downsizing or Settling an Estate with our unique online Estate Sale platform.

Preserving family legacies with world-class Estate Sale services that deliver meaningful results. We are on a mission to raise the bar and drastically change the Estate Sale Industry. We are dedicated, passionate and fearless in pursuit of that purpose.

Above all, Estate 360® is committed to enhancing our communities with convenient, Eco-friendly Estate Sale and Downsizing services. As a leader in personal property liquidation we take great pride in providing a hassle-free, turnkey solution to simply sell everything.

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What People Are Saying About Our Local Estate Sale Services

“…Did a great job with my Grandmother’s estate…We raised more money than I expected and most importantly when finished the house was cleaned up and ready for us to prep for sale. I would absolutely recommend…”
Jim P., Redmond, WA

As a Licensed fiduciary that does Trust Administration for a living, I am always looking for exceptional companies to assist me in making the transfer of assets from one generation to another seamless. In terms of safety, security, professionalism, ease of working relationship, quality of workmanship and an outstanding outcome, I can recommend Estate 360 without hesitation
Kathryn G., Arroyo Grande, CA

“…handled a 200+ lot estate sale for me with the utmost of professionalism and care. He truly seemed to go the extra mile, and his follow up was fantastic.  I will be happy to refer him to many clients for years to come.”
Scott E., Paso Robles, CA

The Estate360 team were professional and efficient in selling the belongings of an elderly friend who could no longer live alone in his home. Estate360 attracted a much wider audience than we could ever hope to have reached on our own and the sale proceeds were greater than we expected. There were no buyers traipsing through the house and no haggling over price. The entire process took about two weeks after which we had an empty house to prep for sale. They handled everything beautifully, exactly as promised.
George D., Paso Robles, CA

Selling with Estate 360 FAQs

What can we sell?

At Estate 360, our online platform allows us to reach a much broader audience, which enables us to find a new home for practically everything with the help of our local estate sale experts. Your items are instantly viewable and marketed to thousands of online shoppers. On average we have a 98% sell through rate, which greatly reduces the unnecessary costs of donating and disposing items.

From vehicles, fine art and antiques to everyday household items we sell everything simply.

How long does the process take?
A typical estate sale from preparation to closing takes just two weeks. Urgent situations can be completed with ease in less time. Settlement payments of net proceeds and itemized selling reports are issued within 14 days of closing. Contact our local estate sale experts today to sell everything with ease.
How does the process work?

At Estate 360 we fully understand that downsizing or settling an estate is stressful enough. Our trained and knowledgeable local estate sale experts paired with our full-service business model execute every aspect of your sale flawlessly allowing for a seamless transition. Our proven process allows us to quickly reach more buyers, sell practically everything, and in less time, than any other option. The entire contents of the home or business are sorted, grouped and organized prior to being photographed and cataloged by our team. Your sale is then aggressively marketed and advertised to buyers and collectors, who are able to shop your sale from the comfort of their own home. Estate 360 is a proven turnkey solution to an age-old problem, specializing in guiding you through any downsizing or estate sale process. Sell with us today.

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