Sell Everything Simply

What People Are Saying

“…Did a great job with my Grandmother’s estate…We raised more money than I expected and most importantly when finished the house was cleaned up and ready for us to prep for sale. I would absolutely recommend…” Jim P., Redmond, WA

“…From the item detailing, to the online auction and pick-up, every part of the process went seamlessly with out a hitch.  We were very satisfied with their service and recommend them highly”. Ron B., Paso Robles, CA

“…handled a 200+ lot estate sale for me with the utmost of professionalism and care. He truly seemed to go the extra mile, and his follow up was fantastic.  I will be happy to refer him to many clients for years to come.” Scott E., Paso Robles, CA

“…simply amazing in assisting us with closing out our father’s estate. This process was incredibly easy and seamless at every turn. We would highly recommend…” Dennis P., Avila Beach, CA

Selling with Estate 360 FAQs

What can we sell?
At Estate 360, our online platform allows us to reach a broader audience, which enables us to find a new home for practically everything. On average we have a 98% sell through, as opposed to traditional sales that tend to lack the exposure to clear the entire contents. We group and liquidate even the most modest value items. Avoiding the excessive cost of disposal and increasing your overall gain.
How long does the process take?
A typical estate sale from preparation to closing takes just two weeks. Urgent situations can be completed with ease in less than one week. Settlement payments of net proceeds and itemized selling reports are issued within 14 days of closing.
How does the process work?
At Estate 360 we fully understand that downsizing or settling an estate is stressful enough. Our trained and knowledgeable staff paired with our full-service business model execute every aspect of your sale flawlessly allowing for a seamless transition. Our proven process allows us to quickly reach more buyers, sell practically everything, and in less time, than any other option. The entire contents of the home or business are sorted, grouped and organized prior to being photographed and cataloged by our team. Your sale is then aggressively marketed and advertised to buyers and collectors, who are able to shop your sale from the comfort of their own home. Estate 360 is a proven turnkey solution to an age-old problem, specializing in guiding you through any downsizing or estate sale process.