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Our proven turnkey process removes the biggest hurdle when settling an estate or selling a home, the contents! With the contents sold and removed you can list the home quickly or have it cleared out for closing. One call does it all, our local estate sale experts handle any size sale with ease and professionalism. We sell practically everything, on average we sell 98% of the contents of the home- from vehicles, fine art and antiques to everyday household items, furniture and tools!

Here’s How to Earn Referral Rewards:

What’s better than earning Cash for a Referral?
Earning Cash for your client!

Send us your referral and we’ll send you $100. The best part, we’ll give your referral a $100 OFF our service too!

You Get
Your Clients Get
$100 OFF
For every referral that results in a completed Estate 360 sale. $100 each time you refer.

Every referred client will receive $100 OFF discount, reflected on final settlement accounting upon sale completion.

If your referral results in a completed sale of $10,000 or more, you will receive 4x the reward: $400!

Exceed $20,000 or more and you will receive 8x the reward: $800!

Exceed $50,000 or more and receive 15x the reward: $1500!
(Client still receives $100 OFF Discount)

Your Clients will thank you! Here’s why:

Quick and Proven Process: Estate 360 can sell practically everything in the home in as little as two weeks.

​Safe and Secure: Our proven non-intrusive process greatly reduces liabilities and risks by limiting the number of buyers visiting the home to those that have purchased items and are simply picking them up. Visitors to the home are accompanied by Estate 360 team members during our fully managed pick-up and loading times. Addresses are not published and only given to registered participants.

Great Low Rates: Estate 360 offers competitive commissions and charges no upfront fees or hidden costs.

​Full Transparency: Our innovative platform provides clients with detailed selling reports, itemizing the items that sold and what they sold for.

A simple proven solution for selling everything: We don’t sell just the fine art and Jewelry; our process allows us to sell practically everything in the home. On average Estate 360 sells 98% of the contents of the home. Our team can group and sell even everyday household items to maximize your return and eliminate the costs of disposing items at the landfill. From the car in the driveway to the dishes in the sink our team can help you clear an entire home with ease.

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