Estate sales are a great way to find inexpensive items and hard-to-find rarities. However, there’s one question that prospective buyers will need to ask themselves — how do I find estate sales in my area?

The chances of stumbling upon an estate sale in Riverside, CA, on an afternoon walk or spotting multiple estate sales in Fresno, CA, on your drive home from work are incredibly slim, which is why your best bet is to search for them directly. If you want to learn how to find estate sales in California, here are four methods you can follow.

Read the Local Newspaper

Finding estate sales in California can often feel like a treasure hunt, with your local newspaper serving as the map. For those interested in exploring estate sales auctions, scanning the classifieds section is a traditional method. Newspapers typically list upcoming estate sales, providing details such as the date the sale starts, location, and sometimes even items that will be displayed for sale.

From art and jewelry to books and kitchen tools, these listings offer a preview of what to expect. Remember — estate sales can result from various reasons, including downsizing, divorce, or the death of a family member, making every sale a unique opportunity to purchase a piece of someone’s life story.

Download Phone Applications

Thanks to smartphones, learning how to find local estate sales is a cinch in the modern age. Phone apps created exclusively for advertising sales can help connect you with sales auctions and tag sales across the state. By creating an account, shoppers can use filters to search for sales by city, item categories (like electronics, collectibles, or furniture), or even specific items like coins or memorabilia.

Apps often offer the advantage of getting notifications about sales that match your interests, ensuring you never miss out on an auction. Plus, for those who prefer planning their weekend treasure hunts in advance, apps provide sale dates, directions, and sometimes even the opportunity to view items listed for sale online. As a result, smartphone apps aren’t just one of the best ways to find estate sales in your area — they’re also one of the easiest.

Browse the Internet

Cell phones aren’t the only way that technology has made finding local estate sales easier. Typing “how to find estate sales near me” in a search engine can help you find websites online that are dedicated entirely to estate sales. These sites typically allow users to search by zip code or city, providing a comprehensive view of estate sales happening in their area.

Online platforms often feature detailed descriptions of the estate sale, including the reasons behind the sale, such as downsizing or a family’s decision to sell off a property. In addition, these sites may offer photos of items for sale, from vintage furniture and home decor to rare books and electronics, giving potential buyers a chance to preview the treasures before the sale starts. For those eager to find unique items, the internet provides an efficient way to search, plan, and even get directions to estate sales, turning a weekend outing into an exciting adventure.

Reach Out to an Estate Company

If you don’t know where to find estate sales in California, a local expert certainly will. Estate sale companies specialize in organizing and managing sales, from valuation and staging to the final sale day. By visiting the website or office of an estate sale company, you can get information on upcoming sales and sign up for email alerts. This direct line of communication with professionals in the estate liquidation business offers a more personalized way to find sales that match your interests.

Whether you’re on the hunt for vintage clothing, antique furniture, or unique collectibles, choosing a local estate sale company can guide you to the sales that best suit your tastes. Additionally, these companies often handle sales for clients dealing with sensitive situations, such as the death of a loved one or divorce, so they understand the importance of being respectful and discreet during the sale process. Reaching out to a local estate sale company not only simplifies your search but also connects you with a community of experts and fellow enthusiasts.

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