What To Look For When Hiring A Local Estate Sale Company

An Estate Sale is an efficient way to declutter a home or settle an estate of a large volume of items in a finite amount of time. Hiring a professional and reputable company will save you time and money.


When it comes to estate sale companies, there are many factors to consider. You want to make sure that the estate sale company you choose is reliable and trustworthy. The estate sale company should be experienced in conducting estate sales and knowledgeable about the local estate sale market. You only get one chance when hiring an estate sale company, once the sale is completed there are no re-dos or second chances.

Whether because of a death, divorce, downsizing, or the need to liquidate an inherited property, an estate sale company can offer the help you need. Heck, maybe you just have a lot of no longer-wanted collectibles and want to clear up some space. A professional estate sale company will hold online auctions and facilitate sales to ensure you get the most out of your personal property. However, finding a reliable estate sale company is not a straightforward task. Luckily, with these tips, you will have an easier time finding a suitable company for your estate sale and liquidation needs.

Here are some things to look for when selecting a local estate sale company:

  • Experience is Key- An experienced estate sale company will be able to accurately assess the value of items in an estate. They should also be knowledgeable about estate laws and regulations, which are needed to properly conduct estate sales. You need to ensure that the estate sale company has handled many estate sales before. Don’t be afraid to inquire about how long they’ve been in business and how regularly they host sales. An estate sale company with years in operation and frequent sales is less likely to rip you off. At Estate360, we have years of experience preserving our clients’ interests by offering estate sale services in a safe, transparent, and hassle-free manner. Our team of trusted local estate sale experts will guide you through a truly simplified process of selling everything. If you are looking for a way to get the most out of your personal property, we’re your go-to solution.
  • Insurance- So many unforeseen liabilities can occur during an estate sale. Hiring an insured estate sale company means that you will be protected if these unforeseen circumstances arise. Estate 360 is licensed, insured, and bonded to ensure our clients and their homes are always protected. Our online estate sale format greatly reduces liabilities and unwanted foot traffic coming into the home.
  • Provides a contract– Although there are no regulations for estate sale companies to provide a contract, a company that’s committed to delivering its promises will be willing to offer a written agreement. The estate sale industry is unregulated and many weekend warriors, hobbyists, and second-hand store owners have stumbled into the arena, hiring one of these fly-by-night operations could leave you in a tricky situation, with no legal protection. Make sure you have a professionally written contract that details every aspect of the service, and what to expect.
  • Transparency- The last thing you want is to lose your estate items or possessions to a rogue estate sale company. Therefore, you need to hire a transparent and reliable company with a proven record of accomplishment. Most estate sale companies are operated as a “one-person show” approach, the sales are cash only and there is no accountability as to what items are sold or what they sold for. At Estate 360, our sales are completely documented by photographing the entire contents of the home. At the conclusion of the sale you receive an itemized accounting of the sale, so you know exactly which items sold and for how much.
  • Convenience- The estate sale company you choose should offer an easier and quicker way to turn your property into cash. The antiquated approach to estate sales typically results in 40-50% of the contents being sold, at best. At Estate360, we can complete the sales process within 14 days and achieve a 98% average sell-through rate.
  • Reputation – A reputable estate sale company will have a good reputation in the local estate sale community. Look for reviews online or ask around your area for recommendations from those who have used their services before. Our reputation precedes us at Estate 360, it is very rewarding to hear countless clients every week call in and say they were referred to us by everyone they spoke to. We are the #1 Referred Estate Sale Company in California, and we are the most trusted source for estate sale services by fiduciaries, probate attorneys, elder placement professionals, lawyers, realtors, trustees, senior move managers, and many other professional service providers.
  • Expert Marketing & Advertising- The heart of any great company is marketing, and you need your estate items to be widely advertised to a broad audience to achieve maximum sell-through and profitability. Matching the right buyers with the right items is a skill set not easily obtained by all companies. Estate 360 has won numerous awards in marketing, including Estatesale.com’s Excellence in Marketing Award. You need to inquire how the estate sale company intends on advertising your family’s prized items and reaching the right audiences. The days of throwing up a few street signs and putting an ad in the local newspaper are long past. Items such as high-end collectibles, designer jewelry, classic cars, and fine art are likely not going to reach an optimal price through local channels only. Estate 360’s national advertising approach reaches audiences far greater than any other service provider. Our website traffic on average receives 1,500% more unique visitors than any other local estate liquidator. You will want to hire a professional estate sale provider that advertises through multiple platforms such as estatesales.net and estatesales.org.
  • Professional & Experienced Staff- You want to hire an estate sale company with knowledgeable staff, who have your best interest in mind. Ask how many staff members will be onsite for preparing your sale and during the sale event. Understaffed companies will be less likely to control unnecessary theft, damage, or injuries. Many estate sale providers are small one-person operations that are doing so as a hobby or as supplemental income. Their business is not their primary income which may lead to your sale and home not being their primary concern. Many of them staff their sales with friends, family members, or short-term employees, this opens the door to many issues, liabilities, and likely an overall poor experience and outcome for the seller. All of Estate 360’s team members are local estate experts who have undergone vigorous training and have handled millions of dollars in personal asset sales. Our team members are all W2 employees with Worker’s Comp. Insurance.  Ensuring your assets and your home is protected from all sides.
  • Location – Consider the location of the estate sale company when making your decision. If you are looking for estate sale companies near you, make sure to call the estate sale company and ask what areas they service. You may also want to consider estate sale companies that provide online estate auctions, which can be a great way to find estate sales in different parts of the country. Estate 360 specializes in online virtual estate sales, which greatly minimize unwanted foot traffic, and unnecessary liabilities while simultaneously optimizing sell-through and price results. Estate 360 is one of the largest privately held estate sale companies in the country, quickly growing across California with offices to serve you in California’s Central Coast, The Inland Empire, and The Central Valley.
  • Service Fees- The big question on everyone’s mind is, how much does this all cost? Estate sale companies utilize many different service fee structures, some charge a percentage of sales, some charge a flat-rate fee, or a combination of the two. It is important to identify what fees you are responsible for and to make sure they are clearly outlined in your contract. Is there a cancellation fee, is there a charge for clean-out or junk removal services? Some estate sale companies charge extra for advertising and set-up fees, others charge an hourly rate for their employees. The estate sale industry’s average commission rate ranges between 35%-50%. It is important to note, that just because another company offers a lower commission rate does not mean that company is the best choice for your sale. In fact, typically companies offering services at a discount are doing so to try and remain competitive and drum up business in desperation. If they are operating on a discount, shoe-string budget the company won’t be able to effectively market your items, and the 10-15% service discount they gave is meaningless if the items are sold for 20-50% less. Bottom line is, you get what you pay for, and hiring a professional estate sale company that is operating as a business with your best interests in mind, will net you far greater benefits and peace of mind in the end. Estate 360 tailors a proposal agreement just for you, we conduct a 100% free consultation to determine exactly what services will be needed and how to best proceed with your estate sale. Estate 360 has no up-front costs or hidden fees. Our service fee is structured as a percentage of revenue, which will be discussed and itemized on your service agreement.
  • Don’t Throw Anything Away- Any professional estate liquidator will be sure to tell you not to throw anything away prior to the initial visit to the property. What may seem like junk or unsalable items could have some big value, and it all add’s up in the end. We have found countless items in the trash that have brought significant value to our client’s sales. Old magazines, t-shirts, books, and other old documents are prime examples of items that get tossed prematurely. Estate 360’s eco-friendly estate sale services prevent an estimated 1.2 million tons from entering our local landfills every year.
  • Traditional VS Online Estate Sales- There’s quite a difference between a traditional estate sale vs online estate auctions. A traditional estate sale involves the company displaying items throughout the home and pricing them individually, to allow shoppers to walk through the home and pick through what they want to purchase. The estate liquidator and shopper will then haggle on a price in an attempt to negotiate a sale. This traditional method comes with an abundance of liabilities and unwanted foot traffic to your home, and no guarantees that enough shoppers will show up to purchase all of your items. Often times the estate liquidator will host a final clearance day and list the items at a steep discount in an attempt to get more items sold. Estate 360 utilizes our proprietary online platform to host estate sales, through which we obtain an average sell-through rate of 98%, which means the vast majority of your personal property will be sold, leaving less to worry about last-minute removal services and expenses. The online method is far less intrusive and greatly limits liabilities and unwanted foot traffic to the home you have either sold or getting ready to list. Online estate auctions are able to reach a much broader audience and are not dependent on local shoppers only.


Ask Questions

Due diligence is imperative when hiring a local estate sale company. You want a company that will handle your loved one’s prized possessions with the utmost care and respect. Take your time and ask all the questions you need to fully understand the process and requirements involved. The contents of your loved one’s home could contain hidden treasures of high value, resulting in a sizeable return. In any event, sorting through a life-long collection is a monumental undertaking, and hiring a professional estate liquidator to handle the daunting task will result in a hassle-free experience.


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