Record Breaking Estate Sale By Industry Leader Estate 360 Estate Sales & Downsizing


In the dynamic world of estate sales, Estate 360 has once again proven its prowess, orchestrating an unforgettable event. Titled “Striking A Global Chord” this article delves into the extraordinary journey of Estate 360 as they not only conducted a record-breaking estate sale grossing over $552,000 but also leveraged the power of social media, particularly TikTok, to elevate their success. At the heart of this achievement was a stunning collection of over 200 rare guitars that resonated with collectors, investors, and a worldwide audience.

Setting the Stage:

Estate 360, a seasoned player in the estate sale industry, was faced with the exciting challenge of liquidating an estate boasting a remarkable collection of rare and vintage guitars. The estate sale client had been left sidelined after another company decided not to follow through with the sale after selling an initial run of items. Estate 360 was called in to assist, and shortly after uncovered a massive untouched collection of limited edition guitars that the world was eager to see. The anticipation was palpable, and the Estate 360 team geared up for an event that would set a new standard in the industry.


Curating Rarity:

Central to the success of any estate sale is the ability to curate exceptional and desirable items, and Estate 360’s latest venture was no exception. The star of the show was a collection of over 200 rare guitars, carefully handled and cataloged by Estate 360’s team of experts. From vintage classics to limited editions, each guitar held its own unique charm, creating a catalog that appealed to both passionate musicians and astute investors.

Strategic Marketing, TikTok, and Global Audiences:

Estate 360 recognized the importance of strategic marketing in the digital age. Beyond traditional methods, they embraced the power of social media platforms, including TikTok, to create a buzz that extended far beyond geographical boundaries. A viral TikTok video showcasing the most iconic guitars in the collection became a sensation, attracting attention from music enthusiasts and potential buyers globally.

Complementing the TikTok success, Estate 360 employed a multi-faceted marketing approach. Social media campaigns, targeted online advertising, and collaborations with renowned music publications heightened the anticipation surrounding the estate sale. This comprehensive strategy not only attracted a diverse audience but also ensured that the guitars gained exposure in both enthusiasts and investment circles.

The Auction Highlights:

The auction itself was a spectacle of competitive bidding, with the viral TikTok video fueling the excitement. Bids soared to unprecedented heights, and iconic guitars found new homes amidst a chorus of online cheers. Notable highlights included a Rare Gibson Custom Shop Don Felder Stage Played  “Hotel California” Doubleneck and a 3-Monkeys Guitar Amplifier played by Brad Whitford of Aerosmith.

Investor Appeal:

Estate 360 strategically emphasized the investment potential of the rare guitars, using the viral TikTok video as a catalyst to reach a broader audience. The scarcity, historical significance, and market trends were highlighted, appealing not only to musicians and collectors but also to investors seeking alternative assets. This dual appeal contributed significantly to the overall success of the estate sale.


Estate 360’s “Striking A Global Chord” estate sale stands as a triumph, blending the art of curation, strategic marketing, and the innovative use of TikTok to create a global sensation. The $552,000 in total revenue and the sale of over 200 rare guitars not only solidify Estate 360’s position as an industry leader but also underscore the transformative power of social media in the world of estate sales. As the echoes of this successful event reverberate in the industry, Estate 360’s ability to harmonize traditional expertise with contemporary tools sets a new standard for estate sales worldwide. The question that lingers: What groundbreaking crescendo will Estate 360 orchestrate next?

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