Moving to a new house is a great opportunity for you to take stock of all your belongings. An opportunity to get rid of the things you no longer need. To purge whatever you can so that the move is easier to manage. However, holding a garage sale requires a lot of work. But they are often mandatory before you can get your real estate agent to put your house up for viewing. Successful garage sales are normally a result of a lot of planning and preparation. From putting up ads, spreading the word, and designing posters to getting permits and pricing items, the whole process can be quite tiring and difficult to effectively pull off. 


Estate 360 offers a great alternative to this whole situation by helping you sell your stuff online in an auction sale. Without you having to go anywhere or have random strangers come into your house. The process is simple and convenient and makes the job a whole lot easier. Here are some incredible ways Estate 360 sales are helping home-owners and real estate agents sell homes faster.   


Empty Homes Sell Faster

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The importance of emptying a house quickly before trying to sell it is threefold. 


One: It is tough for a real estate agent to show a property filled with the previous owner’s item to a client. It is hard for a client to project their vision or picture themselves within the property if the house is already filled with stuff that belongs to someone else.  Being able to help a prospective buyer visualize themselves within the property is part of the game. And real estate agents can have an easier time convincing the buyer if the property is empty.


Two: A prospective buyer may be hesitant to purchase a property if it is still filled with the current homeowner’s stuff. Some clients may find it uncomfortable, or just plain awkward. And as a result, it can be hard for them to see themselves living in a place unless it is empty. 


Three: Real estate agents can have an incredibly hard time convincing buyers of purchasing the property if the house is still full of items. And the longer a house stays on the market, the lower the bids become. Therefore, an empty house can make it easier for real estate agents to find prospective buyers quickly. It also makes it easier for them to close the deal at a higher price.


Online Estate Sales Have 98% Sell-Through Rate

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Even though online garage sale is a modernized concept, it is not an entirely new approach. For a while, Estate 360 has been emptying houses to go on sale, and it is safe to say that the sell-through rate has been nothing but tremendous. We take care of your antiques, your valuable items, and your beloved possessions to ensure your personal satisfaction. From taking pictures of your items to putting them on sale to concluding the process, Estate 360 manages it all.


With a 98% sell-through rate and a fantastic customer response, the company prioritizes convenience by allowing you to sit back and relax while your items sell online. And with an empty house at their disposal, real estate agents can take full advantage of this clean canvas to sell the property faster by allowing potential home-owners to come in, take a look and visualize their future within the house.


Cuts Down On Foot Traffic

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A common problem that usually occurs while clearing out a home for sale is the house viewing process. This is where people come and go through the property to look at the items, make bids, and finalize purchases. Letting strangers inside the house can not only result in the invasion of your personal space and privacy, but it can also put you at risk of liability from theft and fraud. Moreover, the whole process can be downright physically and mentally stressful. What if you are not home when the visitors arrive? How do you know if the visitor is a danger to you or your belongings? What if a visitor injures themself on your property?


Estate 360 understands these concerns. We try to make everything more organized, safer, and more straightforward. Online garage sale and auction methods can help you simply bypass the tiresome phase of personal visits from interested buyers.


Everything Is Accounted For

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Another reason Estate 360 is a great place to sell your household items is that the entire process is clear and transparent. The process has manageable, simple steps so that you know exactly what is happening. An online estate sale has the leverage of everything being virtual, including your documentation. You get all your receipts and bills online, so it is easier for you to keep track of who bought what and for what price. 

Not only is this convenient, but it is also harder to lose online documentation. Therefore, all your data is safely stored online and you can revisit it at any time. Real estate agents, particularly, can benefit from online estate sales by providing their clients with the peace of mind that all their items are being taken care of and selling without them having to organize a physical garage sale. 


Sustainability – Less Going To A Landfill

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We all know what happens to the items that don’t get sold. They end up in the trash or landfill –which can be detrimental to the environment in the long run. Estate 360 mitigates this problem by ensuring that the house clears out quickly and that all items are sell without anything having to go to waste. Overall, opting for an online estate sale is a much more sustainable option for clearing out a home. If anything does remain on the list, you can donate it to reputable charities instead.


Scheduled Pick Up Times 


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What’s great about this online sale is organization – everything runs on a schedule, making the whole process smooth and easy for clients to follow. You’ll know exactly when the buyer is coming to pick their item up. After the online estate sale ends, the buyers will come for pick-ups at a scheduled time and take away the items that they bought in the auction. This timeliness ensures that you don’t have to sit at home all day just to wait for the new owners to pick up their things, and you can carry out your daily chores and errands as per your wish without being bound.


Final Thoughts


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We understand that moving houses or clearing property can be physically and emotionally taxing. Estate 360 simplifies the process for both home-owners and real estate agents by eliminating the need for holding a physical sale. Clearing a house could not get any more comfortable, and more sustainable than this. Ready to hold your first online auction? Learn more here.   


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